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Welcome to My Chauffeur, where we specialise in providing exceptional chauffeur service in the beautiful region of Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand.

Chauffeur Service for Personal, Group, Short & Long Distance Transportation in NZ

Experience the luxury of choice with our chauffeur service in Hawke’s Bay. Whether you need personal, group, short, or long-distance transportation, we’ve got you covered. Discover unparalleled comfort and convenience with My Chauffeur, the leading Premium Transport Provider in New Zealand.

The fleet of the premium transport provider My Chauffeur.
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Luxury Meets Reliability in Our Chauffeur Service

Enjoy the ultimate combination of elegance and dependability through our chauffeur service. Journey with assurance and flair across Hawke’s Bay, secure in the expertise of our skilled professionals.

Meet the Team Behind the Wheel

Rex Jones

Rex Jones

Director & Chauffeur

Know more about Rex...

Rex is the face of My Chauffeur. “Mr Congeniality” (as he is fondly called by Clem’s children); a man so fitted for the job he loves so much! Driving safely and caring for his passengers are his passion and commitment. With over 20 years in the transport business – you can absolutely rely on him, when it comes to your transport needs.

Rex devoted most of his working life as self – employed; always focused in the customer service industry. And by the way, he has travelled the whole country, from Cape Reinga to Stewart Island and most places in between! So, if you are a tourist, he is the man you can rely on to.

Rex would love you to experience his hospitality and clean sense of humour. Please welcome him in your next journey!

Our Story

Our Story

Where it all began...

Read more about our story...

June 13th 2016 – My Chauffeur Ltd was officially registered to replace an existing business operated by the couple, Rex and Clem Jones.

Driven by their desire to better serve the public with their transport needs; and to really show how to be treated like VIP’s, but; not breaking the bank for excessive charges – the couple decided, it is time to launch a transport service exactly fitted for the purpose. After a thorough brainstorming and research, the name “My Chauffeur” came into reality. Not Mr. Chauffeur, nor Mrs, nor Mr. & Mrs. Chauffeur! For the name “My Chauffeur” is about you – the client. You own it. You are the priority. It is a service for you! Hence, you can count on us.

The name My Chauffeur is derived from a movie with the same title; a comedy film released in 1986. In contrast, My Chauffeur transport services aim to seriously deal with what passengers should be experiencing in their travels: a good customer service, great hospitality, and friendly treatment. Something that, more often, is not delivered – based on Rex’ first-hand experience. Together, the couple have embraced FIVE (5) Principles. That they will be:

DRIVEN to deliver excellent customer service
DRIVEN to serve as the best transport provider
DRIVEN to charge reasonably and at the cheapest rate possible
DRIVEN to “go the extra mile” but “not cost the earth”
DRIVEN for you!

Clem Jones

Clem Jones

CEO & Managing Director

Know more about Clem...

Originally from the Philippines, Clem, who came to New Zealand in 2008 has embraced and loved the country and its people. She officially became a Kiwi in 2017. Married to Rex Jones, a born and bred Kiwi (who is also a Director & Co-Founder of the company). These two really complement each other: One is the Best Driver in town; the other is “The Brain behind the Scenes”. She has a background in Psychology & Sociology; is well versed in the areas of Communication, Business development & Marketing/Promotions/ Negotiations.

Clem is a “naturally gifted entrepreneur & businesswoman”. Her tenacity, passion and a ‘never-say-die’ attitude lets her widen up the horizon of achieving bigger things; even beyond the unimaginable. In fact, My Chauffeur came into birth, out of nothing – but a vision!

Clem would love you to journey with her, and the team at My Chauffeur! Welcome aboard.

Client Testimonials

The owner are both very friendly, cheerful and they are accommodating. They are willing to help and drive you where ever you go. Highly recommended to all.

Marilou Suyom

Rex provides transport for our wedding. Great service and reasonably priced. Would recommend.

Rachel Mawson

Great service, very friendly, my girls were in safe hands and super competitive prices.

Paula Roberts

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any client reviews?

Certainly! You may check our client reviews from Tripadvisor.com or visit our Facebook page.

What areas do you serve?

We are located in Hawke’s Bay region but we provide transportation services throughout New Zealand. Please check our website or contact us to confirm if we serve your specific location.

Do you offer services for both personal and corporate needs?

Absolutely! Whether you’re looking for a personal ride or need to arrange transportation for a corporate event, we’ve got you covered.

How can I book a ride?

You can book a ride through our user-friendly website or by giving us a call. We offer easy booking options to suit your convenience.

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